The English Premier League was won by Manchester United this year

Content Update: 04/04/2017

The English Premier League was won by Manchester United this year, giving them a new record for the number of top-flight championships in England. United’s nineteenth title win and appearance in the Champions League final, where they were outclassed by Barcelona, suggest that it was business as usual in English football’s most important competition this year – Manchester United have won twelve championships since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, after all.

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But it was a strange season. English football’s greatest club in terms of European success, Liverpool, found themselves in both financial and sporting crisis for much of the year. Their controversial owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillette, finally relinquished control of the club in autumn, bought out by New England Sports Ventures, the owners of the Boston Red Sox.

This happened to the relief and delight of Liverpool fans, who had watched the broken promises (for a new stadium, particularly), the lack of on-field success, and the club’s debts with mounting horror. That was only the first part of their season. The second involved the removal of manager Roy Hodgson in January.

Chelsea were the early pace setters until coach Ray Wilkins was sacked in November. Perhaps coincidentally, Chelsea lost five matches between November and the beginning of March, before a late run of form took them to within two games of the title, including a 2-1 defeat of Manchester United at Stamford Bridge

Elsewhere in the Premier League, Manchester City secured a Champions League spot for the first time. Arsenal continued to play wonderful football only to come up short at crucial times. It will now be a minimum of eight years between league championships for Arsene Wenger. Harry Redknapp’s attractive side must now hope that top European clubs do not come in for his best players – Manchester United have already expressed interest in Luka Modric.

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Betting On Your Favourite Games

football-star-2aSports betting has become a massive industry all over the world and many countries offer the ability to be able to place a bet on your favourite games and races. It is the kind of thing that some people love to do regularly, but also one that attracts the person that does not usually bet when there is a special sporting event on.

If you do a lot of sports betting you will know that it often works best with some kind of a strategy, similar to one you would use for a casino game in your favourite online casino. A roulette strategy for example can prove to be very effective for anyone that has taken the time to test and develop it, and this is the same for anyone that develops a strategy for betting on the sports events.

If you like to bet on the horses, you really need to study their form and make a much more informed decision before placing your bet. This can be a time consuming process but one that can be the difference between somebody winning more regularly to those that just have the occasional win here and there.

The same goes for betting on football games. This can be one of the most unpredictable types of betting, as things hardly ever go to plan and even the teams that are on form will slip up every now and then. If you can catch one of those slip-ups and be betting on the other team that beats the favourite you can certainly get some very good odds.

If you decide to bet on one team versus another, or one player versus another in games like tennis, then you have to know the form of the players and teams before making your decision. A bet might appear to be such a safe on that you have to bet more to win less, but these ‘safe’ bets do sometimes go wrong and you could end up losing a lot of money very quickly.

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