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Famous Soccer Players Who Love Gambling

Betting on football has now become a famous pastime activity for many people. Footballers are also not left behind; in fact, most of them love to gamble online. According to a recent study, many footballers are underperforming because of their online gambling habits. Worse still, several footballers have lost their hard earned fortune because of gambling. The rise of online gambling using smartphone has made many footballers become experts to this activity. Other footballers attribute this betting habit to boredom especially when traveling far to play away games. This article will
provide information about the top football players who love to gamble online that you need to know. Like your favorite players, you could also become an accomplished gambler! Make sure you understand the basics of online casinos first. might be worth checking to see what the casinos have to offer.

Beckham has finished his football career as a midfielder in various teams including Milan, and Real Madrid developed an interest in the gambling business. He has since been spending much of time in the best casinos situated at Las Vegas, placing huge bets.Beckham is involved in the gambling business and also participates in betting. According to rumors, Beckham has agreed with several casino owners in Singapore and Macau. He gets good income by just advertising these casinos. Investors believe that their partnership with Beckham will help to increase the number of clients in Macau and Singapore.

Paul Merson is a household name in football, and he began his career with Arsenal. He helped the team to win several championships until 1994 when he was banned because of being alcoholic and gambling addict. Although he claimed that he overcame those addictions, it is estimated that he lost £7 million pounds to gambling only.

Barton has had an illustrious career in top and premier league tournaments. However, his love for gambling has damaged his reputation and career after he was recently banned by the English Football Association because of being involved in authorized betting activities.

Dominic is a famous Scottish defender who has achieved a lot of milestones for Leeds United football team. After he retired from active football in 2009, the officials of Leeds United decided to appoint him as their brand ambassador. However, they did not know that Dominic had over million pounds gambling debt.

Bradley is a renowned Canadian player who was banned by the football association because of match-fixing and online gambling offences for six years starting April this year.

Italian footballers are widely known because of their corruption and match-fixing scandals. Gigi has been accused of illegal gambling in two separate instances in 2006 and 2012. However, the allegations were later dropped because of lack of sufficient evidence hence declaring him innocent.

David started his football career with Arsenal and later moved to Tottenham after which he joined West Ham. Despite his passion for the sport, Bentley later became a betting addict. He said that he began to bet when he was only 14 years old and that led him to become an addict. But his girlfriend has been supportive always to help him
overcome this addiction.

There is no doubt that online gambling has adversely affected the careers of many footballers around the world. This article has provided information about top football players who love to gamble online that readers wanted to know.

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