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Why soccer isn’t a men’s sport anymore?

For years, soccer has always been associated with men. However, the ground has been shifting so fast in the recent years. Women’s soccer has been gaining equal attention. There are several reasons why soccer why soccer isn’t a men’s sport anymore. There is a rich history behind the current popularity of women’s soccer. For instance, let’s look at the success record of the women’s soccer. The USA is the first country to win three Women’s World Cup title.

Apart from comparing women’s soccer with other countries, we can compare this performance with their male counterparts. Despite the men’s World Cup being around for ages, the USA men’s team has never been ranked at the top 3 since 1930. On the other hand, FIFA Women’s World Cup just started in 1991. The women’s team has already won it thrice over a short period that the cup has been in existence. This is not an achievement that anyone can overlook.

Lifting the World Cup thrice is not the only achievement that the women’s soccer team boast of. The team boasts of having four Olympic gold medals. Keep in mind that these are two of the world’s major competitions that attract the best teams in the world.

To prove that soccer isn’t a men’s sport anymore, the women’s soccer has managed to maintain a good position in the FIFA’s world ranking. The team’s consistency in delivering stellar performance has cemented its position at the top. When we draw a comparison, the women’s team has occupied the top position for longer than the men’s team. To be frank, the women’s soccer team has always proven to be a force to reckon with despite their male counterparts getting all the attention. The good news is that this perception is changing as time goes by. Sport isn’t the only discipline to get women’s attention, gambling has become popular in Canada for instance among a lot of women (who seem to be luckier than men!) Check out this list of the best online casinos in canada and find their winners stories.

The impact of the massive shift is being witnessed starting from the lowest levels. According to a report that was released by a soccer organization in the US, 48% of the youths playing soccer in the country are girls. This shows that most girls have realized that they can be just as good soccer players as boys. The immense success of the women’s soccer team is a key factor that has encouraged many girls to embrace soccer. Most young girls have been inspired by the great performance of soccer stars such as Solo and others who formed part of the team that won the World Cup, more info on the topic, check

We cannot dispute the fact that female soccer players have not been getting the attention that is accorded to their male counterparts. This can be attributed to the fact that there are fewer soccer competition for women than for men. However, they have fully utilized the little attention that they have been getting. World Cup and Olympics are just some of the prime examples. Apart from winning titles, women soccer players have been redeeming the name of the country in the soccer arena. For years, there has been very little to talk about the US in terms of football. Women are proving that soccer isn’t a men’s sport anymore.

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